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Subject Re: Apache/Tomcat (servlets/JSP)
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 13:31:18 GMT

You ask why I want to use Apache + JServ for servlets and Tomcat for JSP

We have modified Apache in our firm (we added into it some modul for
security) and JSP is not in our firm known (only I have some experienced
with it). So my chiefs know only Apache + JServ.

But I want to use JSP page - I like it. So it is the compromise between me
and my cheaf, that Apache + JServ will be serve servlets and Tomcat will be
serve JSP pages.

My strategy is to use Apache + Jserv and Tomcat commonly (in the first
stage) and then (in the second stage - when other people in our firm will
like JSP page) to process servlets and JSP pages only under Tomcat.

     Mirek Subrt

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