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Subject What is the actual version of Tomcat?
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2000 08:22:11 GMT
I visited now
There is "Tomcat 3.x Development Tree" inside of "Nightly Builds".

I downloaded [from 5th September] from it and then
I have found the version of Tomcat.
But some documents speak about Tomcat 3.1, others about Tomcat 3.2
and some about Tomcat 3.3 !!!

What is the real version of tomcat at "Tomcat 3.x Development Tree"?

I use (for some 3 months) Tomcat 3.1
(from "Release Builds" of
and I have problems with POSTing (not GETing) under Tomcat 3.1 with Internet Explorer 5
under Windows 95 (see my mail "How to call JSP page with POST method from HTML form"
to "tomcat-user" from the 5th September).

Henri Gomez answred me, that he tried POSTing against
"tomcat 3.2b3 and it works fine
with IE 5 (5.00.3103.1000) and Netscape 4.75" (but at unix).

So I want to find from where I can download Tomcat 3.2.


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