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Subject Re: known problem ? Form:post->x.jsp
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2000 12:54:15 GMT

Correction of my last answer

I spended much time with the same problem (!) as you:

- with Tomcat 3.1 does not work POST method with MSIE 5,
  but GET method with MSIE 5 works fine and POST method with Netscape works
fine, too;
- the error is inside Tomcat 3.1! Why?
   - when you send parameters from HTML form, then:
      - with MSIE 5: HTTP header "Content-Length" is sended before these
      - with Netscape: HTTP header "Content-Length" is sended after these
      - RFC 2068 does not speak about any "correct" order of HTTP headers
   - my conclussion: the error is not in your code, nor in MSIE 5; the
error is at Tomcat 3.1.

So I advice you: install Tomcat 3.2 beta 3 (or some higher) - there is not
this error!!
But there are some new error - problems with running of contextAdmin.html
with calling of session.invalidate() method.

Good luck

Mirek Subrt

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