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Subject Re: Loadbalancing in Tomcat 3.2 beta and mod_jk howto ?!?
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2000 09:15:44 GMT

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and mod_jk howto ?!?    
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>Need info on Loadbalancing configuration in Tomcat 3.2 BETA
>with the new mod_jk for apache 1.3 ?

Have a read of

I have already looked at this document, but it lacks quite some bit of
Like what is the exact syntax for the settings for the workers.
Can I give a worker any name like f.ex. 'Donald1' & 'Donald2' ?
How do I make tomcat load balance between thoose two workers or does tomcat
handle it internally ?
If tomcat handle it internally how do you load balance between two tomcat
running on two diffrent machines ?
Is no load balancing set up on the mod_jk side, but it's all configured on
the tomcat side ?

I need more info cause the Tomcat-Workers-HowTo only shows how to set up
diffrent type of workers not how to make them cooperate by loadbalncing ?

I need better description of config syntax for the worker threads.

Anything in this directio would be greatly appreciated!


Jack Gavigan


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