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From "Doug Ahmann" <>
Subject RE: Can JSPs be precompiled?
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2000 01:36:34 GMT
> Rick Horowitz wrote:
> >
> > Does Tomcat have an option somewhere to precompile jsp files into
> > .java/.class equivalents?  It's real slow going through the pages one by
> > one and having them compile...yes, I'm using jikes...still slow.
> jspc will do that.
> See
> /jspc.html

I was looking for the same thing recently.

Its my understanding that jspc generates the .java files for you, but it
doesn't actually compile them into .class files. Am I wrong?

Maybe somebody else out there knows of a way to make it so that all your
.jsp files in a web app are compiled ahead of time (vs. run-time). It would
be nice to check that everything does compile without having to touch every
file by running them.


Doug Ahmann
Macromedia, Inc.

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