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From "me" <>
Subject JVM / tomcat
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2000 12:10:01 GMT

	I would like to clarify how native jni code integrates with tomcat.

	First of all, I never see mod_jserv.log or jserv.log with any messages
(these files are 0 bytes in size).
	I have the following line in the file:

	and in the tomcat.conf file:
		ApJServLogFile /usr/local/logs/mod_jserv.log
		ApJServLogLevel notice

	I noticed that with JServ 2.0, a JVM process would be spawn to run the
native JNI code.  Is this the same for

	Also, JNI callbacks in tomcat do not seem to be immediate (only after the
JNI code exits).  The JServ 2.0 code would
	execute JNI callbacks immediatley.  Is this different?  How is this
implimented?  Can I change this behavior?

	I am running Apache 1.3.12, Tomcat 3.1, jdk 1.1.8 on FreeBSD 4.1

	Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

	Bob Knier

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