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From "Kevin Jones" <>
Subject RE: javabeans + jsp
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2000 07:10:16 GMT
JavaBeans is a marketing term for any Java class that follows a set of
rules. The only two things a class MUST have to be a JavaBean is that they
must have a no-args constructor, and they must be serializable. Following
this most things in the standard Java ADK are JavaBeans, for example
java.util.Date has a no-args constructor and is serializable, so qualifies
as a bean.

To use these Java classes on a JSP page look in the spec. especially at the
section on the <jsp:useBean ... /> and associated tags,

Kevin Jones

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> From: Osvaldo Brito []
> Sent: 14 September 2000 18:16
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> Subject: javabeans + jsp
> Does anyone have an idea about how does work javabeans with jsp.
> Thanks in advance.
> Osvaldo Brito

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