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From John Hager <>
Subject *.auto-conf files not generated? tomcat starts but.... ??
Date Sun, 24 Sep 2000 20:13:47 GMT

Help, this is an old issue with me ... and I believe its the first hurdle to
getting tomcat running on RH6.2/apache1.3.12/tomcat3.2 ...

I know enough about setting up tomcat on win2k, works great, but i'm real
eager to get off windows  and onto linux.

Why, when i run "/ start" does it not create any auto-conf files?
I have the permissions wide open, root on the localhost won't build those
files.  I can see the java processes running fine, so I think it starts up
just fine.  Log files list Nothing.  With apache off, i can't connect to
localhost:8080/examples/ ... With apache on, i can't connect to
localhost/examples/... or :8080/examples/

Why does the startup of tomcat NOT create those auto-conf files?  is this a
symptom of something wrong?  is this the first place to start?  i've been
over this soooo many times and get nowhere.  Help me get it going on linux
please .... I thought a good place to begin is to look for any port blocks
in linux, but that doesn't explain why the auto-conf files don't get

thanks, john.

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