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From "jhager" <>
Subject RE: auto-conf files not generated, no response...
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 15:38:52 GMT

Well, there are no logs, unless I start up apache, then I get a few lines of
jk_.. entries from the mod_jk include (of httpd), but which don't have
errors in them, those lines seem ok (jk coming online...).

So just running "./ start" shows the classpath settings, which are
correct, and thats all.  I can see several java processes running ( so i
assume the server is up ).  But nothing on and no logs
created by tomcat anywhere.  The logging is turned on in server.xml ....
any ideas?


>I run "bin/ start" and it appears to startup the server,
>however no auto-conf files get generated, even though I can see
>the java processes running.  Also I get no response on
>localhost:8080 ... not generating the files
>would mean what ?

What do the logfiles contain?

>Also I've noticed the default is using PC
>filesystems for defaults... d:\ with  ps='\',  is this a PC only
>file?  same goes with and ...

Those files don't get used for the standalone version of Tomcat, so I
wouldn't worry about them until you can get Tomcat up and running and
responding on port 8080.

Jack Gavigan


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