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From "Erik Sabowski" <>
Subject help!: unknown object of type: java.util.Hashtable
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 15:24:03 GMT
I am still having problems with tomcat giving me a 500's telling 
me that it is "Unable to compile class for JSP". when i get that error in 
the browser, i get the error "unknown object of type: java.util.Hashtable". 
so i looked in the java directory (/usr/java) and i found the file 
"src/java/util/Hashtable.class". i figured this must be what it can't find. 
so i added /usr/java/src to the classpath and restarted, and same thing. so 
where can i go from here? i am unfortunatly not very experienced with java, 
so i'm riding by the seat of my pants with this tomcat installation. it's on 
SunOS 5.6, with java 1.1.3....

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