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From "Jay Herrick" <>
Subject RE: Building mod_jserv
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2000 13:32:42 GMT
I had this problem under solaris!

The fix was simple, it just took forever to figure it out.  If you go edit
the apxs file (it's a script) and look for these declarations at the top:

my $CFG_LD_SHLIB		= q();

The comments say that the values should have been filled in by the
Makefile.tmpl, but obviously in my case they were not.  These two
declarations tell apxs how to link the object files together.  To fix it on
solaris, I changed these lines to:

my $CFG_LD_SHLIB		= q(ld);

and issued this command line:

apxs –c mod_jserv.c *.c

You will get a warning because mod_jserv.o is in the list of object files to
be linked twice, but when I tried the documentation's example I get an error
because the script tries to guess the name of the module.

Hope that helps some.  An if anyone is interested, I could post my copy of
the for solaris.

Jay Herrick

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From: McParland, Micheal []
Sent: Thursday, September 14, 2000 7:24 PM
To: ''
Subject: Building mod_jserv


I'm trying to execute the build for mod_jserv on unix using the following

apxs -c -o *.c

The command runs for several seconds but then terminates with the following

apxs:Break: Command failed with rc=-256

Does anyone know what the problem would be as I haven't a clue. Any help
would be grately appreciated.


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