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From "Haller, Joe" <>
Subject RE: AccessInterceptor vs. SecurityCheck
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2000 16:04:34 GMT
I am trying to implement Mr. Mark Wilcox's LDAP authenticator (as described
in "Professional JSP", Chap. 15) under Tomcat 3.2b4.

Mr. Wilcox's class "com.mjwilcox.ldapAuthCheck" extends
"org.apache.tomcat.request.SecurityCheck".  It then replaces SecurityCheck
is the TOMCAT_HOME/conf/server.xml file as follows:

<!-- <RequestInterceptor className="org.apache.tomcat.request.SecurityCheck"
/> -->
<RequestInterceptor className="com.mjwilcox.ldapAuthCheck" />

Looking at the Tomcat 3.2b4 distribution, I see that SecurityCheck does not
in the webserver.jar file or in server.xml.  There is a class
"org.apache.tomcat.request.AccessInterceptor" that appears in both places.  

Does AccessInterceptor supercede SecurityCheck in Tomcat 3.2b4?

Many thanks in advance.
J. Haller

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