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From James Cribb <>
Subject Re: What does "ApJServMount default /root" mean?
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2000 04:13:11 GMT
Thanks for the reply, but I've already looked in the JServ project
documentation.  The "complete reference" manual is supposed to be at
but as others on this list have noted this simply returns a Java stack trace
when you try to surf to it!  I've also used search engines to try and find
an alternative site for this file, but everyone seems to just link to it,
not copy it.

Hooking Tomcat to Apache with mod_jserv seems to require using ApJServMount
(without it I get messages in error.log that something got a signal 11).
However, the reasons for requiring it are not clear to me and not explained
anywhere, and I can't find documentation on how to use this directive.

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From: Arion Yu []

If you are curious, you can search within JServ project of Apache.
"zone" is the term for the old JServ.

James Cribb wrote:
> tomcat.conf contains a line "ApJServMount default /root", but I can't find
> an explanation of what this means.  [...]
> I'm also confused about the difference between "zones" and "contexts".
> I have been searching the available documentation for days without finding
> an answer.  Can anyone out there just tell me?

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