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From "Adam W. Montville" <>
Subject Apache w/Tomcat config problems
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2000 22:05:57 GMT
Hello all...  I'm very new to Tomcat, so I'm having some difficulty
configuring Tomcat with Apache.  First things first, I am able to run Tomcat
as a standalone service -- thus I can run all of the JSP and Servlet
examples.  I now have Apache running and linking to Tomcat, but my JVM keeps
"crashing" (no more detail really than that, that I can see).  I look in the
Apache error log and see:

[Fri Sep 29 12:25:41 2000] [crit] Apache JServ encountered a fatal error;
check your ApJServLogFile for details if none are present in this file.

So, I look at the mod_jserv.log (attached) and it tells me that the JVM
crashed, and subsequently I couldn't connect to localhost on the configured
port (default 8007).  I've attached the configuration files that I think may
be relevant.  Also, I'm running Apache on a Win32 and using JDK1.3 as a Java

Included Files:

tomcat.conf (file included in httpd.conf)

Thanks in advance for any help that you may be able to provide.


Adam W. Montville
Information Security Laboratory
Oregon State University

Phone: 541 737-4861
Fax: 541 737-8377

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