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From greg stasko <>
Subject [OT] Marketing - JDBC drivers with Tomcat
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2000 18:17:31 GMT
I'm with a commercial software vendor (don't stone me, please) and wanted to
ask a question to Tomcat users. I hope this isn't too out of bounds, since
it is to promote use of Tomcat.

What are users opinions about buying "accessories" for opensource products,
like Tomcat? In my case, I'm interested in reactions to buying JDBC drivers
for use with what is effectively a "free" product, at least as far as
license fees go.

This somewhat relates to the "in production" discussion that occurred
earlier. I would wager that unless Tomcat was viewed as appropriate to be
used in a production environment, paid for drivers probably wouldn't be very

Thoughts, comments or cuss words?

Greg Stasko

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