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From Shu Yan Chan <>
Subject RE: another SSL question
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2000 11:53:08 GMT
Now I used the option "client certificate mapping" in IIS,
then the servlet run by Tomcat3.1 will getAuthType()="SSL/PCT"

I still got getAuthType()=null if I disable that option.

Another question is:
I want to get the user name from the certificate using getName() method
According to the API document, I should be able to get the
certificate object by using:
ServletRequest getAttribute(java.lang.String name) 
to obtain a X509Certificate object,
(from API doc: For example, for requests made using HTTPS, the attribute
javax.servlet.request.X509Certificate can be used to retrieve information on
the certificate of the client.)

but what (name) should I use in getAttribute to get the X509Certificate
I tried X509Certificate and amnd got
I tried getAttributeNames() but just get an empty Enumeration...

Shu Yan

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