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From (Nick Holloway)
Subject Re: Tomcat ROOT == Apache Root
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2000 09:29:15 GMT (Michael Percy) writes:
> This is what everyone [or just about everyone] wants to do with their
> systems... I believe an real-world example of this is an imperative for
> Tomcat's deployment-level documentation.

In "server.xml", point the root context at the same directory as your
Apache document root:

    <Context path="" docBase="C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache/htdocs"
    debug="1" reloadable="true">

I personally don't include "tomcat-apache.conf" into the Apache
"httpd.conf", because I was moving from a JServ setup, and I think
there is a bug in 3.1 where the docBase specified in the Context is not
reflected in the directories emitted in the Apache directives.

The keys bits (apart from all of the ApJ* settings) from my Apache

    To have JSP pages passed to Tomcat:

	AddType test/jsp .jsp
	AddHandler jserv-servlet .jsp

    To have "index.jsp" to be used as the directory index page:

	DirectoryIndex index.jsp index.html

If you do have a "WEB-INF" directory, then you will need to add the rules
for denying access, as this is also not put into the apache-tomcat.conf
for the <Context path="" ...>.

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