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From (Nick Holloway)
Subject Re: how to detect a session has no user
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2000 08:29:32 GMT (Mark Lintner) writes:
> Excellent, that seems like the right way to do it. It seems like it takes=
>  tomcat about 1/2 hour to timeout the session but it happens. Now my object=
>  implements the valueunboud method removing the entry from the database. It=
>  would be nice to have control over how long Tomcat takes to timeout a=
>  session though.

You control the default setting of the timeout from the configuration
files (I haven't looked at exactly what is required, but it has been
mentioned on the list recently).

You can also modify it from your JSP using the setMaxInactiveInterval()
method on HttpSession.

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