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From "NYC_SMTPMTA_04" <">
Subject ALERT:Your message from david was truncated; File att1.htm infected with JS/Kak.Worm virus
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 01:58:43 GMT
A file attachment sent to you was infected with a virus and could NOT
be cleaned. The file has been detached and placed in a quarantine area.
Please contact the sender to arrange for a resend of an uninfected file.
The sender has also been notified as have members of the Information
Security Group. INCIDENT
 Scan Time:    09/18/2000 09:58:43 PM
 Detection:    File att1.htm infected with JS/Kak.Worm virus
 Disposition:  Note has been truncated
 Quarantined:  (Document link not converted)
 Version:      Antigen 3.30 (Build 4)


     << JS/Kak.Worm >>
     File size:     8571 bytes
     Host type:     MSDOS
     Compression:   ON
     Attributes:    PUBLIC READ-WRITE
     File flags:    0
     Created:       09/18/2000 09:58:01 PM
     Modified:      09/18/2000 09:58:11 PM
     Status:        Removed
     Scanner:       Norman Scan DLL (version 4700) found JS/Kak.Worm

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