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From Tina Armstrong <>
Subject Tomcat/mod_jserv.c ?
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2000 13:42:35 GMT
Hi there, 

I currently have Apache 1.3.4 installed on an HP 10.2 box. 
I have access to another machine currently set up with Tomcat, etc. 
however, in order to have my apache web server recognize this , 
I was told I needed to install mod_jserv into my apache 1.3.4 server. 

I went and got the ApacheJServ 1.1.2 tarball which does 
have the mod_jserv. c file in the ApacheJServ/ApacheJServ-1.1.2/src/c directory. 
However, I am not quite sure how to compile this mod_jserv.c file and then 
how to add the module into my apache. 

I think to add the module (once it has been compiled and I can get an object file), 
I can either do:

AddModule  modules/extra/mod_jserv.o in my Configuration file 
--add-module=modules/extra/mod_jserv.o option on command line invocation of 'configure' 

Is this correct? 

However, I am still unclear how to actually get the mod_jserv.c compiled. 

Any help would be much appreciated!!!!



Tina Armstrong
Development Support
SAS Institute, Inc.

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