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From Mike La Budde <>
Subject Re: where is mod_jk?
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2000 18:48:04 GMT
after unpacking the tomcat source tarball you will find the mod_jk.c file at:

../jakarta-tomcat/src/native/apache1.3      (including the Makefile.linux 
you will need) AND
../jakarta-tomcat/src/native/jk                    (contains the majority 
of source files)

For some strange reason, the distributed would not work for me. 
Questions posted to this list were unanswered.

Running the build as is (make -f Makefile.linux) would not initially work 
for me; I seem to recall it complaining about missing jni.h file, which is 
included in your jdk1.2.x installation. After fixing this it compiled ok. 
Although the resulting file is substantially larger than the distribution's, at least it works for me!



At 09/18/2000 01:22 PM -0500, pohl wrote:

>Summary: where is mod_jk source code?
>Long version:
>I'm trying to work through assembling apache/tomcat/mod_jk
>for the first time, and am having some trouble with the
>assortment of available documentation.
>The above document looked promising, but for all of its
>talk on "obtaining mod_jk" it never actually says where to
>grab it from.  (I'm building on linux, where it merely
>gives an apxs incantation that complains about no source
>file.)  So where is the source?
>I can't find it in the Tomcat 3.1 source distribution, it's
>not in my Apache 1.3.12 source distribution (which is where
>this howto implies it might be).
>There there's the following FAQ-o-matic entry which insists
>that there is documentation in the tomcat distribution on the
>subject, but it doesn't give a filename (and I can't find
>relevent docs in the source tarball)
>Under normal conditions I would stick with jserv, but my
>goal is to get jboss working with a servlet engine, and
>tomcat is the engine they suggest.

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