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From "O'Hagan, Shaun" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 3.1 Scalability
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2000 12:00:14 GMT
Although M$ orientated it covers some of the issues.


Shaun O'Hagan

Tanning Technology Europe

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From: Alistair Hopkins []
Sent: 27 September 2000 12:30
Subject: RE: Tomcat 3.1 Scalability

I was thinking of writing an EJB which could sit on a single session server 
which all servers could access.  Should be a lot faster.

At 12:09 PM 9/27/00 +0100, you wrote:
>Does that mean that session information will need to be stored in the
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>From: O'Hagan, Shaun []
>Sent: 27 September 2000 09:57
>To: ''
>Subject: RE: Tomcat 3.1 Scalability
>Hi Darren,
>It is unlikely that a single copy of tomcat or indeed any other web server
>will be sufficient to handle "large" concurrent client access applications.
>For scalability you should consider providing multiple tomcat instances
>running on separate platforms (cheap PC's running Linux are a good option),
>and frontend them with a load balancer that will distribute the HTTP
>connection load across your servers.  As the load increases you can simply
>"plug" in another Linux box with tomcat and your application and increase
>your capability that way.
>NB however that you should be mindfull of session state management,
>Shaun O'Hagan
>Tanning Technology Europe
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>From: Darren Witham []
>Sent: 27 September 2000 09:25
>Subject: Tomcat 3.1 Scalability
>    In fear of asking a rather open ended question that may have been
>answered on this list in the past, I would like to get details regarding
>well Tomcat 3.1 scales when a number of simultaneous requests are
>    I have been involved in the build of a simple application running on
>Tomcat 3.1 that simply receives a small amount of data, makes a database
>connection via JDBC (using a connection pool), and populates a backend
>database table.
>    The basic setup is as detailed in the Tomcat user guide, i.e Apache
>serves up the static pages, Tomcat deals with the JSP/servlet components
>a thread pool is configured in Server.xml.
>    The question I basically have is that we are potentially going to use
>same architecture for a very similar application in terms of functionality,
>but the new application is a lot more high profile with a high likelyhood
>that many more users are going to submit data.
>    I have been informed by a colleague that he has heard that Tomcat does
>not scale well and can indeed fallover if a 'high' number of simultaneous
>requests are submitted. I myself have not heard of this and have found
>nothing to suggest this is the case.
>    Has anyone else come across this concern in the past or is it
>unfounded ????
>    Thanks in advance.
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