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From Michael Oltz <>
Subject RE: I can't get off this list
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2000 14:09:31 GMT
Tristan Austin wrote:
>I've tried the unsubscribe methods from about three different welcome
>messages but I keep getting told that my email address isn't known to the
>system in the response to my confirmation.
>I guarantee you that I haven't subsribed with a different email adress.

Okay, then, I surmise that what has happened is your ISP has CHANGED
the "spelling" of your email address from the perspective of the
rest of the Internet. In other words, their mailer machine has a new
domain name, with the old name aliased to it. People can send you
mail using the old domain name, but when you send out mail, the "From"
and/or "Reply-to" fields have the NEW one. And that's how the Tomcat
list server determines who is asking to be unsubscribed. This is a
very common reason for failure of unsubscribe requests to any list.

There's a way to explicitly tell the tomcat mailer the old address so
it will get you off. Suppose the original address that you subscribed
with was "". Then you need to send an email to this

As shown here, you put a minus sign just before your userid, and an
equal sign in place of the at sign. This IS explained in the Welcome
message for this mailing list, but it's buried in there.

Mike Oltz

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