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From Michael Rimov <>
Subject Re: Tomcat with Expresso tools?
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2000 01:45:42 GMT
At 04:23 PM 8/31/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>I've been reading about Expresso tools (
>they seem really cool! Does
>anyone here have personal experience with them? Are they good? Bad? Know of
>any other similar FREE tool kits?
>More importantly, do they work with a Linux/Tomcat/Apache setup?

I'm a prejudiced person here because I'm a major contributor to the project :-)

But, one of the core developers and myself both use Expresso with Tomcat 
for most of our development with no problem.

I think the best assets of Expresso are:

1 - Good fine-grain security
2 - A very encouraging development environment, especially for any bugs you 
come across.
3 - Very focused.  Not a lot of side-stuff.  Kind of a "just the facts 
ma'am" kind of library.
4 - Good "pre-canned" servlet for DB record maintenance.
5 - Automatic Table generation.  Noooooo  SQL scripts!

There's a lot of stuff going into the Expresso 2.0 release, including built 
in crypto usage,  better MVC architecture changes, an XML project, and 
more.   It's in Beta right now.

Now, that I'm done with my blatant plug....

Some other frameworks that can help you are:
Apache Turbine
Java's EJB stuff (JBoss apparantly works with Tomcat)
Apache Struts

Unfortunately, I don't know of others.


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