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From Peter Choe <>
Subject Re: Problem with JSP compiler
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2000 16:41:15 GMT
vector is in java.util.  so you need to

import java.util.*;

GEORGE David wrote:

> I'm having problems getting the Tomcat 3.1 JSP compiler to compile my JSPs!
> The JSP references some external classes, an Enumeration, a Resource Bundle
> and a Langue object.  I'm using jdk1.2.2 btw.
> Well first problem the compiler couldn't find the external classes.  So I
> copied this under the jakarta-tomcat/classes directory for the time being.
> Then it couldn't find the standard classes.  Well I noticed that it was
> starting with jdk1.2.2/lib/tools.jar and these classes are actually in
> jre/lib/rt.jar, so I added this to the classpath in tomcat.bat.  But still
> same problem.
> So I looked at the generated .java file and noticed  that although it had
> added a load of imports, such as java.lang.Vector, it hadn't added imports
> for things like java.util.Enumeration.  Anyone know why this is?
> David

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