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From Duane Gran <>
Subject JSP permission question
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2000 13:32:49 GMT
I apologize ahead of time, as I'm sure this is a simple matter, but I
have searched the archive and also have not found the source of the
problem with my own testing.  The problem can be seen at the following

The page gives a 500 error message.  I have determined that this is a
permission issue because it works if I run the engine as the root user,
but when I run it as a tomcat user on the Solaris system JSP fails to
work.  From my tests I can see that files are written to the
$TOMCAT_HOME/work directory when a JSP is accessed.  I have all
directories and files under $TOMCAT_HOME owned by the tomcat user and
they are writable by said user.  The puzzling thing is that the source
java files are created under the work directory when Tomcat is run by
the tomcat user.

Are there other files which must be written?  I have tried giving 777
permissions to the work area as a test, but no luck.  Could anyone shed
some light on this?  My interest is to setup multiple Tomcat instances
owned by different users.  Many thanks for help that others can provide.

Duane Gran

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