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From Joe Lindsay <>
Subject Help getting started...
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2000 04:28:43 GMT
Ok, I downloaded tomcat for Windows, unzipped it, found the
ApacheModuleJserv.dll, downloaded it (not that I need it to just start
tomcat or anything, but I would like to use it with Apache), opened a
DOS window, cd'd to \tomcat\bin, set TOMCAT_HOME, and ran STARTUP.

I get the message "Out of environment space" three times, then it said
"Starting tomcat in new window
 Using classpath..."

The new window comes up
I get a couple dozen java errors
The window disappears before I can read the errors.

If I knew what the errors WERE, I could probably figure out what else I
need to set up, but as it is, with the window disappearing immediately,
I'm flat out stuck.

So, any idea how I can keep the error messages around long enough to
read them, or
anything obvious I'm not setting up?

I assume it's probably something to do with my Java environment not
being set up correctly.  I have jdk1.2.2 installed in another directory
on my system.  Do I somehow need to point tomcat to both that and the
java files that come with tomcat?

Joe Lindsay -,
"Why make sense when you can make pizza?" - Zippy the Pinhead

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