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From greg <>
Subject Re: tomcat/JDBC
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2000 18:22:36 GMT
I haven't done enough controlled experiments to be sure, but appears
that it is not important for the Postgres driver to be in your lib
directory.  In fact, I don't think my Postgres JDBC jar is anywhere in
my webapp.  Rather, it is in the CLASSPATH of the person who starts
Tomcat.  One thing I do have in my lib file, and you might consider
doing the same, is a copy of pool.props, a database connection flatfile
with lists of database URLs, connection passwords, usernames, and the
JDBC drivers used to reference them.  pool.props is one of the files
that comes with PoolMan, a database connection pool manager that comes
from  The only problem I've seen with Poolman thus far is
that it doesn't handle open connections well.  In particular, releasing
resources from an open transaction in the middle of a Java exception has
not yet been possible for me.  Other than that .. it works splendidly

Bob Solkovy wrote:

> Hello,
>         I am attempting to access a postgresql database thru a JSP
> application and keep getting a
>             'No Suitable Driver' error. The same statements work when
> I use them in a straight
>         java application. I suspect that the problem is that I need to
> include the jdbc6.5-1.2.jar
>         file in the classpath. I have included it in the WEB-INF/lib
> directory, but I continue to get the
>         same error.
>         Am I putting the jar in the correct directory??
>   Thanks!

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