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From greg <>
Subject Re: Deployment folder
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2000 12:36:00 GMT
I followed the directions vis a vis creating a separate development
directory hierarchy to work from.  I also copied build (executable) and
build.xml over from where they sit somewhere in a subdirectory in your
Tomcat distribution. I am running Linux, by the way, as that may color
things a bit.  But, I alter build.xml to reference the name of the web
app I want to create.  build.xml gives 'myapp' as the default, so you'll
just have to change that to reflect the webapp name you want.  You'll
need to modify the build executable to be an executable file, if it
isn't already.  You'll have to make sure that your deployment webapps
directory is writable by you, assuming you may have installed Tomcat as
one user, but are developing Java as another.   Having taken care of
those little details, all you have to do is execute `build` and your
webapp directory will be created for you under webapps/.   I hope this
helps.  Your alternative is to put code directly into Tomcat without
working in a pre-production environment, which is not the best idea, I
think.  Go through all the installation documents and they will
painstakingly explain to you the directory hierarchy structure you will
need to create for your pre-production web app environment.  I hope this

"M.Y.M Shafeen" wrote:

> Hi Everyone,                Hope one of u can answer this
> qnd... Instead of using default webapps\examples directory for
> deployment, I'm hoping to have a new folder in webapps.... So I need
> your help to configure the new folder..... Thanks in advance

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