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From greg <>
Subject Re: forbidden: you don't have access
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2000 21:31:38 GMT
Trying to further matters along, I repointed Apache's httpd.conf file to
include tomcat.conf rather than tomcat-apache.conf (my interpretation of
the tomcat-apache howto document is that perhaps either one is ok to use,
since they are both called for in the howto).  The difference in behaviour
is slight.  When Tomcat is set to 8007, again the application stiffens and
dies.  Whatever page I ask for, I am told that URL doesn't exist on the
server.  When Tomcat is set to 8080, localhost:8080/myWebApp access works
perfectly across my application, but access balks with
the error message 'URL does not exist'.

Incidentally, the shutdown script seems to work correctly when Tomcat is
running on 8007 rather than 8080 in beta 4

greg wrote:

> I am trying to reinstall Tomcat, in particular the beta 4, ver 3.2.
> Whoever decided that not having basic security implemented and working
> correctly in 3.1 made a mistake, imo.  The advice has been to try using
> one of the betas, but this isn't a way that people can build their own
> production systems using Tomcat.  Seeing that something so basic as user
> authentication was not working, I think the prudent thing to do would
> have been to go back and re-release 3.1 with this vital feature
> working.  Indeed, for many people, there is no version 3.1 if there is
> no user authentication in 3.1.
> Biting the bullet, I have spent the last several days trying to get the
> beta to work on my machine, not knowing what to expect next.  I am
> having several problems.  The shutdown script is not working.  But the
> real misfortune so far is that I am having difficulty even accessing my
> application.   I try variously with 8080 and 8007 ports, and I have
> tried re-installing Tomcat twice, and even copied back my ORIGINAL
> Tomcat 3.1 installation, which had been working fine, and now I get this
> behaviour:
> localhost:8080/myWebApp -> works when Tomcat is set to 8080, doesn't
> when Tomcat is set to 8007.
> -> "403 Forbidden: You don't have access to
> myWebApp on this server
> I've checked all the file and directory rights I can think of.  Could
> Tomcat have permanently unsettled my Apache environment?  The weird
> thing is that my first installation of the beta was going along
> more-or-less smoothly until I added a security-constraint to myWebApp's
> web.xml file.  Ever since then, I have been contending with 'forbidden'
> errors.  Versions of Tomcat have come and gone on my server, as I
> attempt to regain a stable environment, and yet the song remains the
> same.
> Apologies to the Tomcat folks for my rant.  Up until now I have been
> hunky dory, but I have some production stuff I have to get out the door.

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