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From greg <>
Subject forbidden: you don't have access
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2000 20:42:02 GMT
I am trying to reinstall Tomcat, in particular the beta 4, ver 3.2.
Whoever decided that not having basic security implemented and working
correctly in 3.1 made a mistake, imo.  The advice has been to try using
one of the betas, but this isn't a way that people can build their own
production systems using Tomcat.  Seeing that something so basic as user
authentication was not working, I think the prudent thing to do would
have been to go back and re-release 3.1 with this vital feature
working.  Indeed, for many people, there is no version 3.1 if there is
no user authentication in 3.1.

Biting the bullet, I have spent the last several days trying to get the
beta to work on my machine, not knowing what to expect next.  I am
having several problems.  The shutdown script is not working.  But the
real misfortune so far is that I am having difficulty even accessing my
application.   I try variously with 8080 and 8007 ports, and I have
tried re-installing Tomcat twice, and even copied back my ORIGINAL
Tomcat 3.1 installation, which had been working fine, and now I get this

localhost:8080/myWebApp -> works when Tomcat is set to 8080, doesn't
when Tomcat is set to 8007. -> "403 Forbidden: You don't have access to
myWebApp on this server

I've checked all the file and directory rights I can think of.  Could
Tomcat have permanently unsettled my Apache environment?  The weird
thing is that my first installation of the beta was going along
more-or-less smoothly until I added a security-constraint to myWebApp's
web.xml file.  Ever since then, I have been contending with 'forbidden'
errors.  Versions of Tomcat have come and gone on my server, as I
attempt to regain a stable environment, and yet the song remains the

Apologies to the Tomcat folks for my rant.  Up until now I have been
hunky dory, but I have some production stuff I have to get out the door.

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