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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Tomcat 4.0 Milestone 1 Released
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2000 05:03:17 GMT
I am pleased to announce the availability of the first milestone release
of Tomcat 4.0 -- milestone 1 -- at the Jakarta web site.  Binary
distributions are available at:

and source distributions at:

Tomcat 4.0 milestone 1 includes a completely new (versus version 3.x)
implementation of the servlet API, and the beginnings of a new
implementation fo the JSP API.  It iimplements many (but not yet all)
features of the new Servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2 specifications -- see file
"NEW_SPECS.txt" for a summary of the implementation status of the new

Compared to Tomcat 3.2, Tomcat 4.0-m1 implements all of the features for
Tomcat stand-alone use, plus the following major additions:
* Based on the Catalina servlet container architecture.
* Container-managed security using DIGEST mode authentication.
* Container-managed security using SSL mutual authentication
  (via certificates)
* Basic support for webDAV (see the "WebDAV Examples" app)
* Beginnings of support for the "Invocation" tool, which supports
  a desktop and a tray icon for starting, stopping, and restarting
  Tomcat on a Windows platform without worrying about shell
  scripts and class paths.
* Supports the Servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2 specifications, in addition
  to Servlet 2.2 and JSP 1.1.  The current state of this support is
  documented in the "NEW_SPECS.txt" file.

The following Tomcat 3.2 features are currently under development, but
will become available in later releases of Tomcat 4.0:
* Support for the mod_jserv and mod_jk web connectors (Tomcat 4.0
  is currently useful only in stand-alone mode).
* Support for running web applications under a security policy.

Specifying configuration information for Tomcat 4.0 is "similar but
different" to that of Tomcat 3.2.  In particular, the "conf/server.xml"
file is still used to configure Tomcat 4.0, but many details of
configuration are different.  Substantial improvements to the
configuration documentation will be included in later releases of Tomcat
4.0 -- in the mean time, ask any clarification questions on the
TOMCAT-USER or TOMCAT-DEV mailing lists.

The Tomcat 4.0 milestone 1 release should run 100% of the applications
that run under Tomcat 3.2 (or other containers compliant with the
servlet 2.2 and JSP 1.1 specifications, unless they rely on spec
compliance bugs, or non-specified behavior, in their existing
containers.  Failure to execute such applications is a bug which we
would appreciate if you reported.  Please feel free to download and test
this new version of Tomcat to help us shake out the remaining bugs.  You
can report any bugs you find, or features you would like to see added,
at our interim bug tracking system:

Record servlet-related issues under the "Catalina" project, and
JSP-related issues under "Jasper".  The product release for this version
is "4.0-m1".

Look for future milestone releases of Tomcat 4.0 on a (roughly) weekly
basis, leading up to a full-featured beta-quality release coinciding
with ApacheCon Europe in London, England on 23-25 October.

Craig McClanahan

See you at ApacheCon Europe <>!
Session VS01 (23-Oct 13h00-17h00):  Sun Technical Briefing
Session T06  (24-Oct 14h00-15h00):  Migrating Apache JServ
                                    Applications to Tomcat

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