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From "Alex Tang" <>
Subject Taglib and "<jsp:include file=..." and/or "<%@include"
Date Sun, 24 Sep 2000 23:55:20 GMT
Hi folks.

I was wondering...Is it possible to have a custom taglib tag produce (or
reproduce the semantics) of "<jsp:include page=.../>"?  l

I have the same question about "<%@ include" directive.

What I'm trying to do is: using a taglib directive, include a separate
JSP file.  The name of that JSP will not be known when writing the JSP
file (hence the taglib tag).  Also, at some point, there may be some
level of recursion, so an included JSP file can include another using
the same mechanism.

Is this possible?  I'm not sure i fully understand the differences
between "<jsp:inculde" and "<%@include" in terms of which requires more
overheadand whatnot.  I can be flexible about which one I should use (if



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