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From Slava Voronin <>
Subject Re: AccessInterceptor vs. SecurityCheck
Date Sun, 24 Sep 2000 00:57:30 GMT
"Haller, Joe" wrote:

> I am trying to implement Mr. Mark Wilcox's LDAP authenticator (as described
> in "Professional JSP", Chap. 15) under Tomcat 3.2b4.
> Mr. Wilcox's class "com.mjwilcox.ldapAuthCheck" extends
> "org.apache.tomcat.request.SecurityCheck".  It then replaces SecurityCheck
> is the TOMCAT_HOME/conf/server.xml file as follows:
> <!-- <RequestInterceptor className="org.apache.tomcat.request.SecurityCheck"
> /> -->
> <RequestInterceptor className="com.mjwilcox.ldapAuthCheck" />
> Looking at the Tomcat 3.2b4 distribution, I see that SecurityCheck does not
> appear
> in the webserver.jar file or in server.xml.  There is a class
> "org.apache.tomcat.request.AccessInterceptor" that appears in both places.
> Does AccessInterceptor supercede SecurityCheck in Tomcat 3.2b4?

 I did the same authentication.
 Change code as
public class ldapAuthCheck extends org.apache.tomcat.request.AccessInterceptor
 in ldapAuthCheck .
When compiled  I get some errors.
I get help from this list ( to add
at the top of source file)
 In my case it helped me.
Otherwise everything work  fine with tomcat 3.2b4
apache , linux.  openldap1.2. jdk1.3 (from sun)

Now  I upgraded to openldap2.
Still have some minor problem, but I think it is  openldap2.

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