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From Daniel Barclay <>
Subject OOP Research Tomcat patch - does it handle Alias and user directories?
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2000 21:12:27 GMT

Does anyone here have experience with Jun Inamori's Tomcat patch 

I'm having trouble getting it to work, but I'm not sure my idea of
what it does it correct.

I'm trying to use the feature of reflecting the mapping of the path 
and the context on the Apache and JServ module side to Tomcat.

However, I'm not sure exactly what the patch actually supports.

Here's what I have and what I'm trying to do:

I got this part working with plain Tomcat 3.1:

- My document root is ".../docroot".

- In my regular document root directory, I have a JSP ".../docroot/test.jsp".

- I map the default context back to the document root directory (instead of
  .../webapps/ROOT) using '<Context path="" docbase=".../docroot" ...>' in

- When I request "http://host/test.jsp", Tomcat reads .../docroot/test.jsp
- Similarly, when I request "http://host/mytest/file2.jsp", Tomcat reads 
  .../docroot/mytest/file.jsp correctly.

This is where I had trouble in Tomcat 3.1 and decided to try the

- I added 'Alias /aliasurldir/ "/.../docroot/"' to Apache's httpd.conf.

- If I request "http://host/aliasurldir/test.txt", Apache reads 
  .../docroot/test.txt correctly.

** However, when I request "http://host/aliasurldir/test.jsp", Tomcat does _NOT_
  read .../docroot/test.jsp.  It tries to read .../docroot/aliasurldir/test.jsp, 
  and reports:

    JSP file ".../docroot/aliasurldir/test.jsp" not found 

** Similarly, when I request "http://host/~user/test.jsp", instead of reading
  /home/user/public_html/test.jsp", Tomcat tries to read 

    JSP file ".../docroot/~user/test.jsp" not found 

I heard about Inamori's patch, and thought it might help here.  However,
I may have misunderstood exactly what it does.

Is that patch supposed to fix my problem, or does it do something else?

(I also tried Tomcat 3.2 beta 4, but it also fails (with a less-informative
error message).)

Does anyone know if JServ and Tomcat can handle what I'm trying to do?
Does mod_jk support this better?


Daniel Barclay
Digital Focus

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