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From (Len, Peter)
Subject Help - nsapi_redirect error???????
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2000 01:25:49 GMT

I am trying to get Tomcat3.2 connected with the Netscape 3.5.1 web
server.  In the Tomcat --> Netscape How-To it describes how to modify
the web server's obj.conf file. One in particular states to add the
following in the Init section:
  Init fn="load-modules" funcs="jk_init,jk_service"

The path to nsapi_redirect.dll is different for my machine than what was
listed in the How-To but it nonetheless sits under $TOMCAT_HOME/bin.

I get the following error when I try to restart the web server:

conf-init: Error running init function(late) load-modules: dlopen of
"/tomcat_home/bin/netscape/nsapi_redirect.dll" failed (
ns-httpd: fatal: "/tomcat_home/bin/netscape/nsapi_redirect.dll": unknown
file type)

Has anyone ever seen this one?  Am I suppose to tell the web server
about .dll files somewhere?

Thanks for any help,
Peter Len

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