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From (Len, Peter)
Subject SSLFactory can't find 'key' (from keytool)????
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 20:29:56 GMT

I am using Tomcat 3.2.  The one I am using is a 'dist' version that I
built from the Tomcat source code.  I had to do this because the
distribution version of Tomcat 3.2 was not compiled with JSSE and so it
did not hace the class.  Anyway,
I got it all built and tried to run it when I got the folloeing error: Cannot recover key Cannot recover key

I looked at the file and saw where it was trying
to get the 'keystore' and 'keypass' from some attribute.  This error
indicates that it couldn't find that data (I presume).  I am running on
Win NT and my .keystore file was placed in C:\WINNT\Profiles\plen (by
JDK1.3's keytool).

Was I suppose to indicate this location somewhere?  I seem to be inching
towards this SSL capability but every new step reveals a new problem.

Does anyone recognize this issue?


Peter Len

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