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From Martin Goik <>
Subject Multiple user access
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 18:01:08 GMT
I'm trying to configure tomcat-jserv in a way it is usable by ordinary
users. This means that a user request like http://.../~joe/test.jsp
sould be processed via the UserDir (public_html) directive.

Additional question: Is it possible to use apache's suEXEC Mechanism by
ececuting the beast with the user's permissions? Basicly a java servlet
might contain passwords for enabling access to (SQL) databases. I'd like
to assure user A will not be able to take a glimpse at user B's

I'm a newbie to tomcats configuration directives and didn't find
something appropriate yet.

Martin Goik  Tel. +49-(0)711-685-8365
If you thought flashing ads on Web sites were annoying, wait till the
Web and your operating system are "seamlessly integrated" and watch the
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