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From (Len, Peter)
Subject SSL, SSLSocketFactory, & the server.xml file???
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 14:25:08 GMT

I am trying to get SSL to run using Tomcat3.2.  The /conf/server.xml
file has an area that gives instructions on what you need to do to get
SSL to work.  I have two questions concerning this:

1) It states to modify the JDK's file with the following:
   security.provider.2= ......
The JDK1.3 already had a security.provider.1 and a security.provider.2
so I added my modification using:  --> security.provider.3  <--
Is it OK to use .3 instead of .2???

2) In the server.xml file there is a section to uncomment. This is the
area that deals with the <Connector> tag.  The last parameter is:

  <Parameter name="socketFactory"
             value="" />

I can't find '' in any of
the .jar files (including the JSSE files).  I saw were the jsse.jar had
a '' but that was it.  I downloaded one of
the nightly builds of Tomcat 3.2 and in that server.xml file it lists:
  <Parameter name="socketFactory"
             value="" />
I can't find that class anywhere either.

Am I missing something?  Does anyone know what the value should be?


Peter Len

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