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From (Len, Peter)
Subject Tomcat3.2 & SocketException error
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 12:14:54 GMT

I am running Tomcat 3.2 on a solaris 2.6 machine.  I recently moved from
Tomcat 3.1 to Tomcat 3.2. On one of my servlets (it doesn't happen to
all of them) I get the following error AFTER all of my servlet code has

ContextManager: SocketException reading request,
  ignored - Connection reset by peer
  at Method)
  at, Compiled

This occurs when I call one of my servlets.  The servlet basically opens
a file and reads its contents and then spits back some HTML.  The error
apparently is being displayed AFTER my last statement in the servlet
(the statement that 'writes' my HTML).  Because this is only happening
to one of my servlets I know it must be something I am doing, but
because the error is coming at the end I could not pinpoint it to a
specific piece of code.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Peter Len

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