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From Jakob Hummes <>
Subject Java Color Model, Windows, Tomcat and Servlets
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2000 17:18:55 GMT

we have developed some charting servlets and had a big surprise after
installing them on the server of our customer: The x- and y-axes weren't
visible anymore.  
After some thoughts we tested the same code once again on our machines
(Windows 2000), but this time we set the resolution to standard VGA with
only 256 colors: Suprise again, the axes were gone.  Setting it back to
true color gave the correct graphics.

Conclusion: Somehow the servlet rendered the chart with the resolution
of the server (I blame Java here) and produced (faulty?) 256 color

So my questions:
1) Is there a way, I can tell Tomcat/Java to use another resolution than
the resolution provided by the server (which typically even has no
graphic card)?
2) Do you know other tricks how to circumvent this problem?

- Jakob

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