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From Ronald Pfeiffer <>
Subject Re: Tomcat not seeing .jsp
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 23:00:57 GMT
Perhaps you used upper case letters for the
JSP file's extension.
web.xml declares a mapping for the extension
*.jsp to the servlet jsp which executes jsp files.
The test for file extensions is case sensitive
(under Windows, too).
So the server doesn't map *.JSP files to the
jsp servlet.

Windows sometimes automatically converts
file names to upper case if they consist of not
more than 8 letters. This will always happen
if you copy files from Linux to Windows!

Ronald Pfeiffer

Rick Bosch wrote:

> I have 5 jsp files in webapps/ROOT the problem is 3 of them work fine but
> two of them come without being compiled, i just get the the source.  Anybody
> know whats up?
> thanks
> rick

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