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From Rick Horowitz <>
Subject JSP compilation / debug problem
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 22:35:46 GMT
I just started using Tomcat and have run into something that should not
be hard to improve, and will make it alot easier to debug JSPs in Tomcat
with an IDE, specifically JBuilder in my case, but I imagine this
applies across the board.

Tomcat seems to drop all the generated .java files from .jsp's into the
${TOMCAT_HOME}/work/<context_dir>.  The problem is, my jsp's are
arranged hierarchically in subdirectories, the top one of which is
jsp/.  When I try to set up JBuilder I can set a breakpoint in the
generated .java file for a jsp, it cannot find the .java file associated
with a .class file generated for the jsp because the package name of the
.java file is set correctly by Tomcat as "package jsp;" in this
instance, but the .class and .java files are not in the jsp/ directory. 
Instead, they're in the top level directory...

So, after the .java and .class files were generated, I copied them by
hand to the 


...and it worked.

Not too hard for this situation, but I happen to have a bunch of
subdirectories under jsp/ and it will be a real pain to do this
correctly each time I rerun Tomcat.

So, here's the request...

I realize it may be hard to fully implement the generation of .java and
.class files from .jsp's into the right directory structure and you may
not want to tackle the whole thing right now (although that seems to me
the right fix).  Instead, can you at least copy the generated files into
the right subdirectories when they are generated?  That would make it
easy to do source-level debugging on the generated files.


Rick Horowitz

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