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From Craig McClanahan <>
Subject Re: JSP exception needed
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 19:53:05 GMT
Luis Andrei Cobo wrote:

> my impression is that HashMap doesnt have the signature of a bean, therefore
> I dont think it can be used as one.
> correct me if im wrong, but there are no empty contructors in hashMap (
> required for a java bean), and no set/get properties for bean scope
> variables.

It turns out that, if you create a HashMap object and store it (say, as a
request attribute) in a servlet and then forward to the JSP page, you won't
have any problems -- the attribute will already be there, so the JSP page will
not try to create it.

> Is there a particular reason why one would want to use HashMap as a bean
> anyhow?

In the Struts framework <> I have some custom
tags, among them one that knows how to iterate over various kinds of
Collections, Maps, and arrays.  In general, the Map interface exposes a "lookup
table" concept that can be quite useful.

> Perhaps construct a bean which overrides HashMap Properties and methods, and
> still contains a bean signature.
> Just curious
> Luis Andrei Cobo

Craig McClanahan

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