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From Pierre Neihouser <>
Subject Re: How for apache to allow tomcat to handle directories url (/mydir -> myServlet)
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 10:09:02 GMT
ARNOD-PRIN Samuel wrote:

> With servlet mapping, all html and jsp pages are redirected to myservlet

No, servlet mapping allow you to map a class file to a URL.  HTML pages
will be served by Apache or Tomcat directly  and JSP will be served by
Tomcat directly.  That's why it is called Servlet Mapping.

> and I would like that directory -url are redirected too.
> when I call
> http://localhost/mydir
> Apache knows it is in fact http://localhost/mydir/defaultpage.html
> but for tomcat, the url is the first one...

That's a different problem, if you want Tomcat to use a default page when
you type the URL of a folder you have to make some changes in you web.xml
or server.xml file.  This is specified in the Minimalistic User Guide
(tomcat_ug.html) that you can find in the doc folder of your Tomcat


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