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From Pierre Neihouser <>
Subject Re: /examples directory?
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 09:56:38 GMT
It's quite simple:

If you use http://localhost/
You have Apache running, every static pages is served by Apache (html, gif,
jpg...) and every servlet and jsps are served forwarded by Apache to Tomcat.
So Tomcat is serving servlets and jsps.

If you use http://localhost:8080/
Everything is served by Tomcat (even static pages).  Apache does not even
realise that this is happening.

If everything is setup correctly, the path after the last / doesn't matter.
Apache and Tomcat will work the same way.

Hope this help,


"Robert L. Brueckmann" wrote:

> I just installed both tomcat 3.2 Beta and apache 1.3.12.  I startup tomcat,
> then startup the apache server...i can then navigate to localhost/examples
> with no problem but the thing is - apache is serving that '/examples'
> directory, not that right?  Because when i go to
> localhost:8080/examples tomcat serves that I stupid for
> asking this question...i mean the jsps and servlet work in both cases so
> maybe I shouldn't be worrying about it except that I am trying to use the
> cocoon servlet from apache's site as well and that works only when i call it
> from localhost:8080 not from just regular localhost...can someone at least
> tell me that who should be serving the /examples directory when accessed
> from localhost/examples?
> Much thanks!!!
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> Robert L. Brueckmann
> Webmaster
> Decision Systems Corporate Solutions (DiSCuS)
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> Towson, MD 21204
> ph: 410-337-5444
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