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From (Len, Peter)
Subject RE: Tomcat 3.2 & SSL (error)
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2000 22:49:37 GMT

Thanks for the info. I downloaded Tomcat3.2 and looked at what the
server.xml file stated about SSL.  I followed the directions (put the
JSSE jars in my classpath, modified the file) but when I
tried to run the 'keytool' command I received the following error after
typing in a password:
'keytool error: KeyPairGenerator not available'.

What is that?  I don't know much about SSL but there seems to be more to
getting SSL up and running.  Any thoughts?

Also.  Is the SSL in Tomcat 3.2 able to run by itself?  What I mean is
that in order to get SSL to work, do you have to combine Tomcat with a
regular web server like Apache or Netscape or can you whole application
flow right through Tomcat?


Peter Len

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