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From Jennifer Grechuk <>
Subject Re: Getting Tomcat to Work with Apache
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2000 19:43:27 GMT
Actually it was a reallllllly silly mistake on my part, the file was named
my-tomcat-apache.conf and those dashes should have been underscore characters.
Once I replaced the dashes with the under_score characters I was able to start
Apache and Tomcat and I can even access the HelloWorldExample, so I think
everything is working.  Thank you everyone for your help :)

Pierre Neihouser wrote:

> Jennifer Grechuk wrote:
> > So anyways I then tried to start up Apache and it wouldn't start, so I
> > tried starting up Tomcat and it started.  I went into Netscape and typed
> > localhost:8080 in the location bar and I saw the tomcat page, however
> > when I typed in in the location bar I couldn't get the apache
> > page again.  I should still be able to get the apache page shouldn't I?
> > And when I start up Apache I should still get the MS-DOS window saying
> > Apache is running shouldn't I?
> Don't really know about Windows, I use Linux, but nobody seems to say
> anything so here is my 2c:
> - You say that when you try to start Apache it doesn't start: does it give
> you an error or anything like this?
> - When you start-up Tomcat, it does not start Apache automatically (anybody
> correct me if I'm wrong...).  So when you type in your browser
> this is totally normal that you don't get the Apache page again.
> It seems to me that the changes you made to your httpd.conf are breaking
> your Apache.  Try to investigate these changes.  I think in the
> documentation it says that you have to include a file which is
> autogenerated when you start Tomcat (tomcat-apache.conf or
> apache-tomcat.conf).  Try to include this one instead, start Tomcat and
> THEN start Apache.
> Hope this help,
> --
> Pierre

Jennifer Grechuk
(613) 549-7883 ext. 26
(613) 549-5333 Fax

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