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From Jennifer Grechuk <>
Subject Getting Tomcat to Work with Apache
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2000 17:15:42 GMT
Hi I'm a new to all of this and I'm not sure what I'm doing so any help
would be greatly appreciated.  I installed Apache and it worked, I
tested it by typing in the location box of Netscape and I got
the page telling me that Apache was installed correctly.  I then
installed Tomcat and typed in localhost:8080 in the location box and it
sent me to the Tomcat page saying it was installed.
Oh by the way I've installed them on NT.

The problems started when I tried to get the two of them to work

What I did was this:  I downloaded ApacheModuleJserv.dll and placed it
in the directory: c:\ProgramFiles\ApacheGroup\Apache\modules

Then I opened the file located at
and at the end of the file type:
include c:/tomcat/conf/my_tomcat_apache.conf

I originally had typed include c:/tomcat/conf/tomcat.conf but as I've
been looking for answers I read somewhere that I was supposed to make a
copy of c:\tomcat\conf\tomcat.conf, leave it in the same directory and
just rename it my_tomcat_apache.conf and make the include statement
point to this copy that I made.

So anyways I then tried to start up Apache and it wouldn't start, so I
tried starting up Tomcat and it started.  I went into Netscape and typed
localhost:8080 in the location bar and I saw the tomcat page, however
when I typed in in the location bar I couldn't get the apache
page again.  I should still be able to get the apache page shouldn't I?
And when I start up Apache I should still get the MS-DOS window saying
Apache is running shouldn't I?

I'd really appreciate any help.  Thanks very much Jennifer

Jennifer Grechuk
(613) 549-7883 ext. 26
(613) 549-5333 Fax

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