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From William Brogden <>
Subject Re: tomcat
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2000 21:57:22 GMT

harikrishna kanigeri wrote:
> when i am running the tomcat i am getting the
> following error
> Out of environment space
> Out of environment space
> Unable to determine the value of TOMCAT_HOME.
> What is the possible reason for this.
> Is it necessary to keep the tomcat servlet running if
> i want to execute the command
> java
> http:\\localhost:2020\rpcrouter.jsp deploy dd.xml

I think this is coverd in the FAQ but anyway - Tomcat uses very
large environment variables so you have to increase the 
memory allocation. From a DOS window, click the upper left corner
to get the properties dialog. On the Memory tab, change the
initial environment setting to something like 4096.

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